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Nineteenth Century Dance - Scottish Dances
Basic courses for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced
Organized and carried out in compliance with current regulations
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Società di Danza Lecco, affiliated with Federazione Nazionale Società di Danza, active since October 2009 promotes nineteenth century dance courses in the city of Lecco.
Acknowledging the ideas and principles contained in "The Manifesto" of the Società di Danza (Cultural Society directed and
founded by Fabio Mòllica in Bologna in 1991), participates actively in the social life, attending to many of the Grand Balls held in Italy and abroad, as well as in shows and stage.
The National Fedaration Società di Danza aim at reasearching the artistic technique that in the Nineteenth Century made these dances especially important for the dancing masters and not only mass enjoyment.

The purpose of the association is to promote, through organization of events in the Lecco Province, the diffusion of the dance culture of European tradition sharing with its members this wonderful experience, which enhances socializing and having fun at the same time.

The association has organized Nineteenth Century Dancing and Country Dancing.
The events of the nineteenth century have shown choreographies danced with costumes of the period between years 1840 and 1860, with rigorous philological manufacturing.

Since 2012, public and private events have multiplied, you can see what we have done and planned in the History and Future pages.


Nineteenth-century Dance classes and Scottish Dances include first and second level lessons, suitable to form dancers and preparing them to join all the Risorgimental Grand Balls planned throughout the whole 2011 and further..

Study group... and lot of fun!!
Some photos

Nos Carnets de Bal

Gran Ballo Malgrate 2011 Gran Ballo Galbiate 2012

Gran Ballo Risorgimentale
Malgrate (LC)

Gran Ballo del The Danzante
Galbiate (LC)

Gran Ballo dei Fiori
Galbiate (LC)

Gran Ballo del Lago
Malgrate (LC)

Gran Ballo Risorgimentale
Malgrate (LC)
Gran Ballo di Fine Estate
Cisano Bergamasco (BG)
Gran Ballo Risorgimentale
Malgrate (LC)
Gran Ballo Ottocentesco
Malgrate (LC)
Gran Ballo Ottocentesco
Merate (LC)
Gran Ballo sul Lago
Gravedona (CO)

Watch the movie produced by the Federazione Società di Danza: "Un'idea di Danza".